(Meaning “dowry” in Chinese and pronounced, “gee-ah-zhoo-ang”)

Image Size: 30.5” W x 21.25” H
Paper Size: 31.125” W x 21.875” H (unframed)  Available
Edition: 25
Artist's Proofs: 10
Printer's Proofs: 3

A beautiful jade vessel is bestowed upon the newlyweds. Handed down through generations, its maker added an ancient pattern in gold relief to signify the continuing journey from the past to the present to the future. The twists and turns of the pattern to symbolize the unseen path of life’s long journey. All crowned with a trousse of ruffled tulips symbolic of the fair and delicate bride. A special dowry…one of many gifts to two young, commited lovers beginning a journey…together.

Notes on Original Work of Art:
Acrylic paint on fine watercolor paper with raised gold paint on the vessel, veiled in hand-made Japanese rice lace, all bordered with 4 insets of 17th century poetry composed for the Japanese Imperial Court wrapped on wood panel, flanked left and right with 18th century Chinese “thunder” pattern embroidery, with wrapped panels of contemporary Japanese cashmere at top and bottom, and 4 fragments of a late 1800’s Tibetan wedding necklace accented with turquoise affixed at each corner.

Notes on Giclée:
1. All flowers are hand-embellished by the Artist with palette knife using 23 acrylic paint colors.
2. The vase has been embellished by the Artist with 18K gold paint over a raised 3 dimensional surface.

Printed using archival inks on water resistant fine art canvas.

The Year of the Rooster Collection

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