Title: “HUNLI YE”
(Meaning, “wedding night” in Chinese and pronounced, “hoon-lie yeah”)

Image Size: 32.5” W x 32.5” H
Paper Size: 33.125” W x 33.125” H (unframed)  Available
Edition: 25
Artist's Proofs: 10
Printer's Proofs: 3

For thousands of years, Chinese brides have followed an elaborate set of customs, all to bring good fortune to their impending marriage. Red dominates everything as it symbolizes good fortune. And no room becomes more important than the bride’s bedroom, as that is where she spends her last night as a single woman. The ritual of the “hair combing” ceremony by a woman close to her is the final step before the groom and his friends pick her up and take her away. And once gone, all that is left for her family are the beautiful flowers and red envelopes packed with money taken in exchange for their daughter’s hand… that is until the news of the first son or daughter comes. Then the cycle of love begins again.

Notes on Original Work of Art:
Acrylic, metallic and fluorescent paints on heavy hand-made French watercolor paper, veiled over with hand-made Japanese rice lace, bathed in a mixture of archival beeswax and UV-resistant polymers, with painted top of wedding basket enhanced with dimensional raised surface painted in 18k gold, bordered with wooden insets wrapped with Buddhist temple silk from the mills of Varanasi in India, with outside panels wrapped in a late 1800’s beige chiffon hand-sewn, hand-decorated silk wedding shawl from Jaipur, India, all mounted onto archival museum board.

Notes on Giclée:
1. All flowers are hand-embellished by the Artist with palette knife using 24 acrylic paint colors.
2. The top of the "wedding box" has been embellished by the Artist with 18K gold paint over a raised 3 dimensional surface.

Printed using archival inks on water resistant fine art canvas.

The Year of the Rooster Collection

BOUNTIFUL PROMOTION: Through November 30, 2011, purchase this unframed Imperial Edition for $925.00 which includes FREE container and FREE shipping in the continental United States (other locations quoted upon request). For more information or to order call 678-906-5095 or

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