Image Size: 19.375” W x 28.875” H
Paper Size: 20” W x 29.5” H (unframed)  Available
Edition: 25
Artist's Proofs: 10
Printer's Proofs: 3

A man anchored in a moment of history, awakened to affirm that it is within the power of everyone to attain wisdom. Metamorphosis is not sudden, and cannot happen from one day to the next. It demands reflection and time, willpower and courage. It can take a lifetime, or many lives. But it is possible. The rest is only a matter of interpretations and paths, the reading of many symbols.

Notes on Original Work of Art:
Acrylic and metallic paints on heavy hand-made watercolor paper, veiled over with hand-made Japanese rice lace, bathed in a mixture of archival beeswax and UV-resistant polymers, bordered with insets of hand-loomed silk from the famous religious mills at Varanasi in India, with outside panels of late 1800’s Tibetan thangka cloth decorated with mineral pigments and raised gold, adorned at top right with tassel and red cinnabar button from a mid-1800’s Tibetan lama’s incense pouch, crowned with a Ming Dynasty (1506 A.D.) “Zheng De Tong Bao” Chinese coin with dragon and phoenix representing “metamorphosis,” affixed with melted wax collected from holy temples and monasteries.

Notes on Giclée:
1. All flowers are hand-embellished by the Artist with brush using 8 acrylic paint colors.
2. The image of Buddha has been enhanced with brush using 3 metallic colors.
3. The head of the image of Buddha and the Chinese drum behind the flowers have been embellished by the Artist with 18k gold work.

Printed using archival inks on water resistant fine art canvas.

The Year of the Rooster Collection

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