(Meaning, “peacefully abiding” in Sanskrit
and pronounced, “shah-ma-thah”)

Image Size: 29.625” W x 14.75” H
Paper Size: 31.125” W x ” H (unframed)  Available
Edition: 75
Artist's Proofs: 25
Printer's Proofs:

Whether you believe in Buddhism or any other religion or philosophy, the key to growth and understanding is the same for any individual, it is the mind. Many Buddhist teachers would tell us the reason we can’t find the truth we seek it that our minds are bewildered and confused, not their natural state. Shamatha is the practice of meditation that seeks to create a tranquil or peaceful state of mind. It allows the mind to be in the moment peacefully and it is the first step to exploring the world. Namaste.

Notes on Original Work of Art:
Acrylic and metallic paints on archival museum board, veiled over with hand-made Japanese rice lace, bathed in a mixture of archival beeswax and UV-resistant polymers, adorned with a 10th century Song dynasty Chinese cash coin at top of crown, mounted onto archival wooden museum panel, then mounted onto archival wooden museum under panel finished with Yixing plaster with impressions from an early 1800’s Chinese backscratcher from an opium den, then gilded and washed in acrylic paint.

Notes on Giclée:
1. There are no embellishments to 1/75 thru 75/75 of the Edition.

2. The horizon color bars above and below the Buddha’s head are hand-embellished by the Artist with copper leafing. (Artist’s Proofs only)

3. The Artist heavily embellishes the Buddha’s head with seven metallic and sixteen acrylic paints accented with rich palette knife work. (Artist’s Proofs only)

4. One 10th - 16th century Chinese cash coin is affixed atop of the Buddha’s head with melted religious wax collected from holy temples and monasteries. (Artist’s Proofs only)

5. All Editions and Proofs signed and numbered by the Artist with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed using archival inks on fine art watercolor paper.

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