Image Size: 33.25” W x 24” H
Paper Size: 37.75” W x 28.5” H (unframed)  Sold Out
Edition: 75
Artist's Proofs: 15
Printer's Proofs:

The Uzbeks, followers of Uzbek Khan (1312-1340), a descendent of the Mongol ruler, Genghis Khan, were a powerful tribe that controlled a part of the Silk Road in the regions of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Eastern Mongolia. Nomadic in nature, this fierce tribe was known to tax villages and merchants along the Silk Road. But in contrast to their fierce fighting skills on their beloved horses, they produced exquisite fabrics which they wore while travelling, fighting and dancing at their tribal victory celebrations. Here a victory is celebrated with pomp and fanfare.

Notes on Original Work of Art:
Acrylic on fine watercolor paper veiled with Japanese Washi paper, mounted on Thai LamiLai printed with a 17th century Chinese wood block, all atop gold crusted cork paper enhanced with printing using a 16th century Pali prayer book cover, surrounded with 4 rare 15th century Chinese cash coins and 4 17th century Uzbek tassels from money bags, all affixed with melted wax collected from temples and monasteries, bordered on the left and the right with antique Indian and Uzbek fabrics, and on the top and the bottom tribal emblems from a 17th century Uzbek warrior vestment in silk threads.

Notes on Giclée:
Heavily enhanced by Artist with acrylic and gold paint on T’ang horse and impasto border, plus antique Chinese cash coins are affixed to the print using melted wax collected from temples and monasteries.

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